May Term 2011 to Holland & Belgium Taking Shape

We have 29 Simpson students signed up to take part in our May Term 2011 study course on Social Welfare in Holland and Belgium. Over the holiday break, we’ve been working on a number of elements of the course and find that the itinerary is slowing taking shape.

As the program now stands, we’ll be departing Des Moines for Amsterdam on May 2, arriving in Holland on the early afternoon of May 3. After transfer to our lodging, we’ll likely take in a canal cruise and an early dinner before calling it a night.

The next day will be taken up with a walking tour of the city center of Amsterdam and likely a guided tour of the city’s world famous Van Gogh Museum. Students will get a chance to start spreading out around the city after that.

While in the Netherlands, students will be visiting Utrecht and Maastricht as a group, and they’ll get chances to see plenty of the country on their own.

We’ll move on to Brussels on Monday, May 9, and get oriented to that city during the first afternoon there. We’ll also be daytripping to Bruges during the visit.

While in Holland and Belgium, we’ve arranged for visits at the Utrecht University, the European Journalism Centre and the Brussels Press Club. More details will be coming in the weeks ahead.

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